AWOL Update

So, i’ve been a bit AWOL as far as keeping the site updated goes. So i decided to pickup some new shoes for running into work, my old trainers weren’t really cutting it. Getting into the office with blisters each morning was really killing the enjoyment of running into work!.  I picked up a cheap …


Training update

This week has given us a few training days to catch up on, two days in the gym plus the first day of the C25K program – I could probably manage to just jump straight into running a few k per day – but I’ve decided to do C25K to avoid biting off more than …


Deadlift Training Day (Starting strong!)

So I’ve been training at FSTFitness regularly (3 times a week on average!) since September 2013 – meaning I’m no stranger to going to the gym. I’m actually part way through an existing 8 week program already which pre-dates my decision to enter MHSF 2014. This does mean that today’s routine is not tailored exclusively …


Race entry is official!

It’s official, I’m now entered in Wave 3 of the MH Survival of the fittest rat race in Manchester on November 8th. There is no turning back now, so I’ll have to kick my training up a notch. I’m both looking forward to and dreading this event!.