AWOL Update

So, i’ve been a bit AWOL as far as keeping the site updated goes. So i decided to pickup some new shoes for running into work, my old trainers weren’t really cutting it. Getting into the office with blisters each morning was really killing the enjoyment of running into work!.  I picked up a cheap pair of Adidas Falcon Elite 3’s – vast improvement over the old Slazengers i was wearing!. My running’s coming on a bit now as-well… I’ve moved on from “barely being able to run” and i’m now at the “kind of able to run. Just A bit” stage.

Things have picked up a bit in the Gym now too, with me running in on my usual non-lifting days i’ve also been heading into the Gym each day (Mainly to use the showers before work!). But once i’m in there it makes sense to pick something heavy up and then put it back down again a few times just for good measure!.

Next week is test week for the 8 week program i’ve been on – So i’ll post a more detailed update for what i’ve been doing in the Gym and my progress then.