Deadlift Training Day (Starting strong!)

So I’ve been training at FSTFitness regularly (3 times a week on average!) since September 2013 – meaning I’m no stranger to going to the gym. I’m actually part way through an existing 8 week program already which pre-dates my decision to enter MHSF 2014. This does mean that today’s routine is not tailored exclusively towards my goal – It actually forms part of a broader general strength training program – It still seems relevant to include it here. After all, who doesn’t love deadlifts?.

Today’s routine briefly comprised of:

Deadlifts 3 x 5
Glute-Ham raises 4 x 5

With a nice finishing circuit based on Danny’s Five20 HIIT classes:

Single arm kettle bell press (5 reps per arm) moving onto weighted pull ups (5 reps) followed by The Body Saw (For 8 reps, or until you are a crumpled crying mess on the floor – whichever comes first!). Getting through all 4 repetitions of this circuit does leave you quite a sweaty mess at the end (Especially following Deadlifts!) but it’s certainly worth it.

No records were set today and I didn’t quite get to my personal best weight in Deadlifts today (Completing just 3×5 sets at a steady 90KG) but it was still a good session!.

Tomorrow the running starts again…

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