Training update

This week has given us a few training days to catch up on, two days in the gym plus the first day of the C25K program – I could probably manage to just jump straight into running a few k per day – but I’ve decided to do C25K to avoid biting off more than i can chew and to ease my body back into running and avoid any silly injuries.

Monday: Legs day
Not much to report on for legs day. Always makes the cycle home seem that little bit harder but its worth it!.

Back Squats 4×5 with the bar loaded at 75% 1RM (75KG)
Ham Raises 4×5

With a circuit of 4×5 on Push ups, Pull ups and Squat jumps.

Day 1 of running!. Discovered that my cheap slazenger trainers do not cope too well with my running style. It seems i’m a bit of an over-pronator and they provide no support for this!. This does mean i ended up with a fair bit of soreness after the first km – but at the end of the month i’ll head over to a local running shop for a gait analysis and to pick up some more suitable footwear!.  You can take a look at tuesdays run on Mapmyfitness if you want to take a look at the numbers. I’m afraid the Jog/Walk/Jog nature of the C25K program makes the pace a little boring!.

Today was time to hit the shoulders, this should helpfully hope with getting up and over the walls when the time comes!. Not much to report but i’m happy to have hit a P.R of 47.5KG on the Push Press. As wit h most of my power lifts my timing is a bit out on the push press though – Hopefully we’ll get that sorted and this P.R will rise!.

Push Press 4×5 @ 75% 1RM
Weighted Pull Ups 4×5 @ 2.5kg warm up then 5kg work sets

With a finishing circuit of Kettle bell step ups, Ab roll-outs and kettlebell uneven rack squats.